Ticket Prices

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What does 'No Free Tickets' mean?

'No Free Tickets' means that complimentary tickets issued by the cinema are unable to be used at a session of a movie, subject to their terms and conditions printed on the voucher.

Movie Money vouchers and free sign-up tickets for Forum Cinema Club members are not considered 'free tickets', and can be used on regular screenings of movies that are marked as 'No Free Tickets'.

Generally, movies are listed on the 'No Free Tickets' list for their first week of regular screenings with some exceptions.
Preview or advance screenings of a movie are not considered to be regular screenings, and as such are advertised as 'No Free Tickets' separately from the first week.
Free tickets may not be available for special event screenings - check with the cinema before purchasing tickets.

Movie Money

Do you go to the movies often? Movie Money is a great way to save cash. They're also a fantastic gift idea.

Movie Money comes in books of ten tickets:  Adults: $135,  Concession: $135,  Children: $125,  Seniors: $125


Food Combo Deals

Kids Combo - $9.50 : small popcorn, small soft drink or bottle of water, and a lollipop.

Icy Combo - $10.50 : Small Popcorn, Small Soft Drink or Bottle of Water, and Lemonade Icy Pole

Medium Combo - $15.50 : medium popcorn, medium soft drink or a bottle of water and Maltesers box

Cool Combo - $15.50 : medium popcorn, medium soft drink or a bottle of water and a choc-top icecream.

Large Combo - $15.50 : large popcorn, large soft drink ($12.50 with a bottle of water instead of soft drink)

Double Combo - $19.50 : two medium popcorns, and 2 medium soft drinks

Mega Combo - $19.50 : large popcorn, large soft drink or a bottle of water, and a pick either a Maltesers or Pods or Skittles or M&M's bag.

Couples Combo - $21.00 : medium popcorn, and 2 medium soft drinks or waters & Malteser Box

Family Combo - $23.50 : four small popcorns, and 4 small soft drinks.

UPGRADE YOUR DRINK TO A SLUSHIE FOR $1 EXTRA! (This option is not available in group-discounted combos)

Gift Vouchers

For movie tickets and Candy Bar:

Gift Voucher $20.00   Gift Voucher $30.00
Gift Voucher $50.00   Gift Voucher $100

For the Ticket Box & Candy Bar:

Buy a Gift Voucher for Tickets and Candy Bar purchases. Available in either $20, $30 $50 or $100 values. Buy as many as you like!

Payment & Bookings

EFTPOS is accepted for your convenience (charges apply)
Or you can purchase tickets via our website - just bring in your booking number and your tickets will be available to be collected from the Box Office Counter.



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